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Barcelona is our new home, and this blog is home to the thoughts and feelings we want to share, the images and videos we capture, and the laughs and tears (hopefully not many) we experience as a family on our adventure in a new country. You’ll see all of us – Doug, Becca, Emma and Owen – try our hand at blogging and we look forward to you sharing your thoughts and comments with us.

The word rambla means avenue in Spanish, and the most famous avenue in Barcelona is actually a series of connected avenues called Las Ramblas – an energy-filled boulevard full of shops, buskers and lots of gelato. This was the inspiration for the name of our blog – Las Ramblings. One definition of rambling is “often and habitually roaming or wandering,” which made Las Ramblings a great name for a place where we hope to capture the stories of our travels and adventures in and around Europe. The fact that ramblings also describes a “lengthy and digressive” way of telling a story is just serendipity. But I digress…

Photo Credit:  The photo on the masthead of our blog is of young lady passing in front of Santa Maria del Mar – an old church in the gothic quarter of Barcelona.  Becca took this photo while we were here in June 2010 scouting things out. The photo has won numerous awards internationally – Becca titled the photo “The Stroll.”  The version I’ve cropped for the masthead doesn’t do the shot justice, but I call it “The Ramble.” dw
Photo Credit2: The new photo is an example of Gaudi architectural detail up close.  Becca also took this photo. Our previous photo was not rated G, so we’ve changed the photo to make our blog a bit more family friendly.  :-)

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  1. kara says:

    hi there, LOVE your blog, so beautiful and funny…. can you add a gadget so we can subscribe to get notifications when you post? xox k

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