The Spanish Kiss..

Since we’ve returned to the US.. I find myself kissing my friends on the cheeks.. before tennis, after tennis.. before walks, etc.  It hit me the other day when I was introduced to someone I didn’t know… when they stuck out their hand for me to shake it.  It was then that I realized.. I loved Spain for the quick kiss on either cheek when you meet someone and saying “encantada” meaning.. it’s nice to meet you.. Here, the outstretched hand, feels like it creates a barrier.  Kind of like, this is my space, you stay in yours and we will meet half way.

Somehow the small kiss on the cheek feels friendlier.. and takes the barrier feeling away.  And I especially loved it in Spain when the kids would do it.
Mauro, a friend of Owen’s, would always say hello, look at me and then give me a peck on each cheek… all with eye contact.  I was always so impressed.   Not sure what I’ll do here.. maybe just one peck on one cheek …  ;)

Kind of a fun blog here about it from someone else..


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