Hat Trick!

I had a great time last night because we went to the first futbol match that I’ve ever seen . I went to see the Barça (Futbol Club Barcelona) play Osasuna at Camp Nou. It was an amazing game and the Barça scored 8 goals and won 8-0. Messi had a hat trick (which means he scored 3 Gols!).  Every time that Messi got the ball it was like he was charged with lightning, especially around the goal.  When he did not have the ball, he sometimes walked so slow it was like he was not even in the game.

We had a really good view of the field. We could see the whole field perfectly.

It seemed like the refs supported the other team because Osasuna seemed to foul a lot and did not get called for it. Maybe the refs did it because the game was one-sided. Another thing that was interesting is that they served hot dogs on baguettes. My hot dog was as big as my arm (elbow to fingertips).

We all had one of these huge hot dogs!

This took like 10 minutes to eat. And I was eating pretty fast.

There were a lot of other kids there tooting their horns (vuvuzelas). It was loud and a bit annoying. Everyone stood and cheered every time that Barçelona scored. It was one of the best days I have ever had.

There's so much FCB stuff for sale. It's amazing. This was before the game.


We were really early. Mes Que Un Club - means "more than a club" in Catalan.

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3 Responses to Hat Trick!

  1. Gma Looney says:

    Wish I were there to not only go to the national games but to cheer you on from the sidelines. Miss those weekend games!

  2. Heather Alexander says:

    Owen and Emma, you are livin’ the dream!! Looks totally fabulous!! I would love to see a soccer match in Europe!! And that hot dog—HOly Cow!!! I love your blog–keep it coming!!

  3. candace fries says:

    Great Blogging Owen! Feel like I was there! : )

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