My favorites for those living in BCN..

When you move to a new area, I think the #1 thing you are most in search of is your posse of favorites.  Your favorite hair salon, pediatricians, dentists, doctors, etc.  Having lived in BCN for three years I have somewhat of  list and here it is…I’ll keep adding to it as I learn more..

1) Dentist (Adults) – Ernest Mallat i Callis – 932.174.057

2) Dentist (Kids) – Ana Ma Garcia Valoria – 932.181.982

3) Orthodontist – Dra. Marta Serra-Serrat –

4) Facials – Dra. Mercedes Quintilla Bresco –

5) Hair Salon – Philippe Venoux  - 934 144 484

6) Caterer – Leticia Soler – 673.575.537

7) Homeopathic Doctor – Dra. Bridgitte Bache – 932.802.121

8) Dog Training -Canino Fed – Ingrid Ramon - 644.520.052

9) The GO TO GUY for ANYTHNG!!!!  - Barcelona’s Guest – Christian – 935.396.106

10) Acupuncture – Joachim Fouret – 635.973.807 (I haven’t been to him, but he was referred by someone I trust!)

11) Private Spanish Lessons – Alejandra – 639.355.968 or Dime Barcelona (which is another company).. LOVE LOVE LOVE Jorge!!

12) Tennis for your kids – Club Laieta – Jaume is awesome he organizes everything and.. is related to Christian the GO TO GUY for ANYTHING!  It runs in the family.. their greatness..

13) Surf or Skateboard/Scooter Lessons in Sitges – Sitges Surf Club – 628.126.272

14) Ob/Gyn – Leilha Onbargi (Teknon) 93 393 3161 (I have not been to her, but she came recommended from someone).  :)

15)  Pediatric Doctor – Dr. Thorsten Faust – 933.933.150 – I have heard he speaks perfect English (and is German)

16)  Not that we ever had it.. wink, wink… there is a company that can rid you of lice.. we didn’t use them.. but a parent recommended them.. Happy Heads

17)Dog grooming… and the most forward thinking business in Barcelona.. Roquichic…  They have 3 locations and the owner is AWESOME!  They will deliver dog food to you.. they have a facebook page and feature your doggies.. I am seriously impressed!!

18)  Photo Lab – Amazing quality and quick!!!  Fuji presses.. the color is spot on.. am so so so so pleased.. the company is called prints&friends.. c/ Calaf 24 – 08021 .. 932 003 404







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