A Perfect Day..

Yesterday, for me, was a pretty perfect Barcelona day.  It was a holiday in Barcelona, so the kids had a day off from school.  We had no lessons, no activities, no nothing… so we headed to Sitges (a coastal town outside of Barcelona).  A quick 30 minute drive at most.  Anyway, in an effort to come up with things the kids will do WITH me that aren’t always amusement parks.. I booked surfing lessons at Surf Club Sitges.  For 30 Euros per person the kids got a two hour lesson, all of the equipment (the wet suit and surf board) and a beautiful day!  And well.. we also got the super cute surfer dude as a teacher.  :) It was amazing!!  As a side note, if you choose to use Surf Club Sitges.. their office is at Carrer d’Enric Morera 2-10, 08870 Sitges.  It’s not on the beach but two blocks off of the beach.  They suit you up there and then you walk with your boards to the beach…

The surf was probably perfect if not a bit non-exitent at times… for learning.  And the bonus of the day is that at Surf Club Sitges also offers skateboard or scooter lessons at a nearby skate park!  The boys were PSYCHED so I definitely know we will be back!  It’s so crazy that we live so close to the beach, yet never go!  When you don’t live on the beach you tend to live in your domestic world… the kids’ school, tennis club, gym, etc. for me… 

We went with two other incredible families.  One from Toronto, the other from Venezuela.  So while the kids surfed, the adults hung out on the beach.  And of course, afterwards, we, in true Spanish style, headed to Cal Pinxo for lunch!  It was amazing..

I am so grateful for some of the amazing friendships we have formed here in Barcelona… :)



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