Semana Blanca

Otherwise known as the “white week”.  Every year we get a week off or a ski week in the middle of February.  Last year we spent the week driving around Andalucia  (visiting Seville, Cordoba, Granada, Ronda and Cadiz .. all of which I still need to blog about) with my parents.  This year we were determined to head for the mountains.  And so we did!

We headed to Baqueira Beret in the Spanish Pyrenees (and also known to be the place where the Spanish Royals like to ski..not that we would have known who they were).  What should have been a 4 hour drive from Barcelona, was a 7 hour drive (thanks to our handy dandy GPS).  The GPS knew the quickest route… in the summer.  Imagine heading to Aspen from Denver and being guided up Independence Pass in the middle of winter.. you get my snowdrift.

Anyway, we stayed at a hotel called the Rafael.  It was understated and perfect.  The rooms were cozy with wood beamed ceilings and beautiful windows that looked out at the mountains.  And to our chagrin, it had snowed 1 meter (10 feet!) the week prior to our arrival, so we had nothing but blue skies, fresh powder and sunny days to enjoy.

Emma, eager to be with her friends who were also vacationing in Baqueira, spent her week with them.  I think I saw her twice.  She was blissfully happy and even declared that she loves skiing more than basketball!  She was on the slopes first thing and skiied until the slopes were closing.  Owen and I took private lessons.  After last years fiasco of trying to ski in the Alps with Kara and Jeff.  As they say here in Spain.. Poco a poco (little by little).  That seems to be my motto right now.  I learn to speak spanish – poco a poco.. I learn to ski – poco a poco… and so on.

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