Hi ho Hi ho it’s off to Bilbao we .. went!

I’d heard soo many good things about the northern part of Spain.  The Basque country as it’s referred to.  Amazing food!  Scenic!  Great surfing!  Great beaches!  I heard to go when the weather is warm…

And so we went!  We flew to Bilbao from Barcelona on Friday and spent the day walking around the Guggenheim Museum.  Amazingly beautiful!  It’s in what was an industrial city along a river.  The Guggenheim stands out in its contemporary landscape.  It was built in 1997 by a friend of ours Cesar Martinell who’s grandfather worked with Gaudi on La Sagrada Familia.. and now Cesar helps as well.  But Cesar worked with Frank Gehry on the Bilboa too!!!  It’s incredible!  The materials used to build it (titanium, glass and limestone).  The use of light.  How the building looks at all times of the day.

And then inside, are some really cool exhibits.  The first we saw was a David Hockney exhibit followed up by a really cool exhibit by Richard Serra..

We spent a night in Bilbao and drove the next day (along the coast) to San Sebastian.  I think I would have preferred to have just driven to San Sebastian as I felt like we didn’t have enough time in San Sebastian!  And the drive was beautiful!  A very windy, coastal road that took us through some sweet coastal towns.

Little did we know that in San Sebastian was the San Sebastian film festival and the likes of Richard Gere, Ben Affleck, Oliver Stone, etc. were all there!  There were no celebrity spottings, but with my zoom lens I was ready.  We spent most of our time walking around, eating Pintxos and swimming in the Atlantic.

And learning to surf which was the highlight..

I’d like to say we took advantage of the fine dining… but we really didn’t UNTIL we stumbled upon a fabulous new restaurant (opened a year ago) by a Spanish-American couple called La Madame.  The couple that owns the restaurant are fantastic and the food unbelievable!

Next time we go, I would love to stay at the Maria Christina Hotel (which is likely where all of the celebrities were staying!) but our hotel the Tryp Orly was in a great location as well..with a nice view.  The room was a bit cramped, but that was ok.


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