We have Valentine’s Day.. they have Sant Jordi Day..

I think I prefer their to ours.  On Sant Jordi Day (at least in Catalunya) the girls are to give the boys books and the boys are to give the girls red roses.  So everywhere on every street corner are single red roses for sale.  And there are book stands lining the streets.  It’s beautiful and simple.  It reminded me once again of (forgive me for mentioning this yet AGAIN).. the Flower Man.  If you haven’t purchased it by now… well… I don’t know what to say.  Anyway, there’s nothing better than seeing people giving flowers to each other.  
The women, on the other hand, have to do a bit more work.. as selecting a book is slightly more thoughtful (and challenging) than purchasing a flower on the street corner.  But I think both are more magical than how out of hand Valentine’s Day gets in the US.

So Doug and I both went up to school to see the traditional Sant Jordi’s Day celebration with all of the kids dancing in costume to traditional Catalan Music…

And afterwards, while the kids headed home, Doug and I headed to Plaza Catalunya to sit and watch the celebration….  If I were Barnes and Noble.. or a flower store in the US.. this is one holiday I would most certainly adopt!

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