We forgot to share one small piece of information…

…about our adventure in Switzerland.  And you’ll find out very soon.

After leaving Pete and Erika’s we hopped in the car and headed towards Saanen which for people who regularly ski in Switzerland might recognize Gstaad even more.  It’s high in the Alps and has a treacherous (in my eyes) road .. akin to driving Independence Pass in to Aspen in the winter (of which it’s closed!).  So without snow tires, or chains for our tires, but with four wheel drive, we left rainy Vevey for snowy Saanen.  The drive started off nicely, and as we got higher, we drove through clouds, saw rainbows, hit some snow and arrived just in time for lunch at the gondola (and ski shop) in Rougemont.

Not much snow for us.. but a portent of what we were heading in to...

It was there that Kara and family met us and patiently waited for us to get our ski equipment sized and ready to go.

We all hopped on the gondola for one of the most breathtaking rides of my life.. up..up…up…up…up…up… above tree line up…  to the top of the mountain for lunch.  The sky was crystal clear.. blue, blue, blue.. and the air was warm.  So no need for the hand warmers and feet warmers or even the additional layer of clothes I would typically throw on.  It was perfect!!!  Except for one small thing..

Kara pre-dealing with us.

Emma all geared up and ready to go.


I think this is Eli teaching Emma how to ski..

Jeff who so magically could not only ski backwards down the mountain, but ski with Owen on one of his knees as he hauled ski poles and all of us as well.

I neglected to mention to Kara that our kids had only skiied one other time in their lives.  And here we were at the top of what appeared to me to be a black diamond.. or two… or three..

..and off went Owen…

…and off went Jeff (Kara’s husband) after Owen.  It was SCARY!  A wrong turn would land you down a couple hundred feet.  And Kara’s kids were old pros at it!  So the Worple family (sans Doug because of his bad knee).. pizza pie sliced it down the mountain.. while Kara and family carried all ski poles.. and kids (at at times).  It was tough.. and we were definitely baggage for Kara and family to contend with.. but we had fun.  And the kids are eager to get back on skis and figure it all out.  However, we can’t thank our hosts enough.. who so spontaneously put up with us..

At the end of the day, I can honestly say, that I was the last person off of the mountain and none too soon. In fact, the only ski patrol person I saw the entire day, was the guy clearing the mountain of skiiers.  Where had he been all day?  I was hoping he would have found me sooner and given me a ride to the bottom on his snow mobile.  But to no avail..

So we made it down.. all in one piece and headed out to dinner with Kara and family (including her mom who also was in for a visit)..


After dinner we walked back to our hotel.. but on the way, the kids were all swinging on what looked to be a big disk… only Owen fell off face first into the snow, the pendulum swung back (with 3 kids on it) and hit Owen in the head just as he was getting up.   So off we went to the Emergency Room… a quick x-ray later the diagnosis was good.. but that he’d have quite a nugget on his head.. and need his molars pulled.  It was awful.. and painful.. and thankfully Kara and Co. made it all so much better.  



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  1. kara says:

    we loved having you, skiing head bonking and all…. xo

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