We Ausfahrted!

Humor on the road in Germany…when you want to exit you…

And if you are exiting a parking garage, you might see a sign that says Gute Fahrt.  You can only imagine the jokes in our car as we fahrted our way through Germany… it almost tops the puns inspired by the Focking Gin that the Dinnick’s left us.  Anyway, we Ausfahrted out of Germany right in to Switzerland… with a little 3 minute interlude in Austria… we ended up in Lucerne… to a very grey, very rainy, cold, wet evening.  We stayed at a gorgeous hotel called the Hotel Montana that had beautiful views over Lake Lucerne.

A view from our room of Lake Lucerne.

A brave person rowing on the chilly day on Lake Lucerne. I can only imagine what the Lake looks like during the summer!

The Hotel even had a funicular you could ride from the hotel down to the street.  We spent a quick night here and then moved on to Vevey to visit our friends Pete and Erika (who moved to Switzerland this year from Mt. Adams in Cincinnati).  We arrived just in time to head out to dinner with their family and Erika’s sister (her family) and her mom.  And in true Swiss fashion, we went for fondue!

Now I’ve never officially been to a fondue restaurant, and I’m not a huge cheese fan, so you can only imagine the smell that greeted us at the door.  The kids and I all took a deep breath and politely breathed in through our mouths for the duration of dinner.  But it was all well worth the evening of dining… as the restaurant, upon delivering the next pot of fondue to the table, played the Swiss national anthem… and had Owen wave the giant Swiss flag as the fondue was placed in the middle of the table.  Then next came the massive, oversized, people sized pepper shaker to spice up your ‘due.

Erika's mom, sister and Erika... love these ladies!


Owen isn't a cheese fan... so he ordered a burger (Doug edit: All true, this just happened about 8 hours earlier at a truck stop in Switzerland - which wasn't anything like the massive I-80 truck stops you encounter in Iowa. Good eats though).

We had an amazing time with our buddies, crashing at their house, and then headed on the next morning to Saanen.. where once again, we would meet up with yet another set of great friends… only this time from Canada… :)

Kara's daughter on the left and one of Erika's on the right.

The amazing piece of artwork Pete and Erika got. The artists name is Charlie Adams.. so cool!

Here’s a link to other stuff done by Charlie Adams.



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