I think he paid me a compliment. (UPDATED)

I’ve had a rough morning.  Got up late to take the kids to school thinking we were perfectly on time… but it would have been on time for our lives in Terrace Park, not here.  Anyway, I told the kids I would drive them to school.  Upon exiting our building and trying to hurry onto the narrow street out of our narrow garage (think right angles here with little to no room.. and no, Doug, you are not allowed to comment on this).. I hit the curb and popped the tire.  After like 5 seconds of driving, I realized there was a problem.  So the kids hopped out of the car and took the Metro to school.  I called Christian our answer to everything and he had our car towed and the tire replaced.

It is now 12:30… I picked the car up at 12.  All repaired.  But it was the cab ride to getting the car that made my day… until I realized what the cab driver might be saying.  So here’s the dialogue.. all happening, of course, in Spanish…

Me:  Hi!  Can you please take me to blah blah blah.

Him:  Are you from Madrid?

Me:  (Inside totally smiling from ear to ear because I’ve often wondered if and when I speak Spanish fluently enough, what part of Spain my accent will sound like or will it be Mexico?)  So I ask him if my accent sounds like I’m from Madrid (again I asked in Spanish… yay me!)

Him:  or Sevilla.  But the girls here are all dark skinned, dark eyes, dark hair, skinny, etc.

Me:  (Thinking… hmmm… so it’s how I look… and I’m none of those things.. except for the dark eyes).

And then he starts talking about how all of the women work out here UNTIL they get married.  Then AFTER they get married, they really only go to the gym to shower.. they don’t work out.  Which made me laugh because Michelle and I have to shield our eyes every time we enter the bathroom at the gym for fear of well.. you know… and more often than not, there aren’t that many people working out!

I have no idea what he thought… but for today, I have an accent from Madrid or Sevilla.. and I completely look like I am not married and am one of “those” girls that actually goes to the gym to work out.  And BTW, the tips are much nicer with compliments.  I’ll bribe if I have to.

UPDATE:  I talked to my Spanish teacher, who then had me write, in Spanish about this whole experience.  She also told me that she thinks I might sound like I am from Seville because I pronounce my “jota’s” or “j”‘s in Spanish very “suave”.  And she agreed.  However, when I talked to the trainer at the gym about this.. his response was that people from Seville are hard to understand and don’t speak very clearly.  So I’m back to square one.  I have no idea what people are saying to me really, but I’ll just pretend they are loaded with compliments and go on my merry way.


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