Thanksgiving is not a holiday in Spain unless you make it one.

There are certain holidays that you don’t expect to be universal – 4th of July, Memorial Day, Halloween, etc.  But for some reason, Thanksgiving seems like one of those holidays that everyone should celebrate. I know, I know, it is a celebration of a strictly American piece of history. And while we have Thanksgiving, lots of cultures celebrate a bountiful harvest with their own unique holidays. Still, the passing of this holiday as if it were any other day, impacted me more than I would have imagined. Perhaps because it was our first major holiday here?  Or maybe because this is usually the holiday we get together with my extended family? Instead the kids went to school. I went to work. And while other Americans passed along wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving, for the rest of the world it didn’t even register.

Of course, we did not let that stop us from celebrating Thanksgiving.  We just celebrated on Saturday.  And we did it with a couple of our favorite families here in Barcelona — the Box family and the Harnish family. Michelle Box tracked down turkeys for us, and each of the families made the dishes that were a part of their traditions.  It was an amazing meal.  And just like in the United States, we were able to pause and reflect on those things for which we were thankful.  We just didn’t watch football afterwards.

The setting. And the place settings. Cava and vino tinto at the ready. First thing for which to be thankful!

Just like at home. There was a kid's table. Owen on the phone in the background catching up with family.

Prepping the final dishes in the kitchen. Lots of kibitzing.

The kid's table. Now with kids. Emma, CJ, Cole (sort of hidden), Cameron, the mighty Quinn, Owen, Kevin, Jade, and Caroline.

And the adult table. Going clockwise and starting with my dad - my mom, Julie Harnish, Mark Box's father and mother, Mark Box, Michelle Box, me, Verne Harnish and the empty chair belongs to our stellar photographer - Becca!

These amazing cupcakes were made for the flock of turkeys celebrating Thanksgiving at Casa de Worple. Compliments of Jade Harnish, these were a huge hit - and delicious!



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