Well. It’s a bit random that the first post I make here be about fears. But as I get older, I have to say, I get more fearful. And this move made me confront many of the fears that are lurking deep within…

Let’s start here.  The elevator.  I don’t know why it is, but in just about every house, apartment (which would make sense) we looked at renting here.. there were elevators.  Even if the house only had two floors.. there was an elevator.  Or perhaps, even if there were 5 steps to take you up to landing.. there was an elevator.  So naturally, the relocation agent wasn’t so sure what to do with me, when I decided I would just foot it as we looked at houses.  Why?  For the health benefits you say?  No although that would be wise, but I’m too lazy.

I don’t like elevators.  I’m ok with the ones where I can see out.  But put me in a tight little elevator and well, I get a little clausterphobic.  (sp?)

So on that note, we decided to rent a magnificent apartment on the seventh floor of a building.  And thus began the health benefits of not riding the elevator.  :)   And let me highlight, the elevator that seems more often than not to be getting serviced.

Just ask Begnino our doorman.   Who everytime I enter the building he scurries out from behind the desk to open the door to the elevator for me.  And every time, I laugh and say, “No gracias, estoy andarro… or sometimes I use other verbs like estoy canto or duermo …” and he just laughs because frankly, I make no sense… my 8 years of Spanish 20 years ago has landed me in the beginner class at my kids’ school (yes, they have classes for parents!).

Anyway, I digress.  It has now been a mission of mine to NOT ride in any elevator while we are here.  So Doug and I have figured out just how many calories we burn walking up and down the stairs… and here’s what Doug has found…
“The researchers estimate that each step takes .16 calories. Going up 180 steps burns nearly 20 calories, and going down burns about nine calories. To meet the ACSM guidelines for weight loss and body fat reduction, you would need to go up and down these stairs seven times (25 minutes), four times a week.”

All of the other data was based on a 150lb person so can adjust up or down accordingly.

We have 156 steps * .16 = 25 Calories each trip up and down.

Approximately 17 climbing up, and 8 going down.


And I walk up and down those steps 4 times a day… and often with groceries.  So I’m pretty pleased with life here.  I’m not even out of breath too much any more as I reach the top.  I might be sweaty and my heart may be beating pretty wildly, but I could still carry on a conversation with you!

Oh and here’s our cute doorman…

All the doormen seem to wear the same bright blue jacket with a look of seriousness about them.  He’s wonderfully helpful it’s just too bad I don’t oblige most of the time.

Tomorrow will be part two to this segment.. :)

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