FedEx Would Hate It Here!

Driving here has been a bit daunting. I resisted it for far too long. Terrified of all of the scooters that just go wherever whenever. Terrified of the roundabouts that seem to have no rhyme or reason… no lanes.. cars just cutting through across, etc. But the biggest challenge.. you literally can’t turn left here! There’s a main road that cuts through Barcelona called the Diagonal. There are like 3 lanes in each direction on the diagonal with medians on either side that then have two lanes… So if you are in one of the middle three lanes you are SOL… unless of course you hit the one street where you can turn right to then loop around and then cross over the Diagonal.. which in essence lets you go the left you wanted 40 minutes edad (ago in Spanish). Anyway, what was a straight shot for me to tennis today… turned in to a 50 minute ride that included me jumping on the Ronda de Dal… even though the tennis club was on the Diagonal and I practically live on the Diagonal… but.. I couldn’t turn left!!!!! And then tonight, in taking Emma to basketball.. the same thing happened again.. the poor girl arrived 45 minutes late to practive in Cornella…

And can I tell you how funny it was to see two women in tennis skirts this AM pushing a car in neutral in to the parking space because there wasn’t room for her to get out of the car?! Cars here have to be small.. otherwise you can’t park them. Oh and speaking of that… I hit a car earlier this week! I was sitting at a stop light balancing the clutch/gas pedals so I could move forward on green. And I guess it was a bit unbalanced as I lurched in to a nice Audi in front of me. What did she, the driver do? She got out of her car.. so I did too.. we investigated. She looked at me with disgust, waved her hands, hopped in her car and drove off. No paperwork exchanged. Soo soo lucky!! And soo soo not America! It kinded of reminded me of Jenny Powell when she and I were driving the crumby Vega through Zantigo’s after school.. and the Vega, having horrible breaks, rolled in to the car infront of us. Thankfully, Jenny told the driver of the car.. that her car looked great and she shouldn’t get out. :) Did I ever tell you that story dad? xo

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