I had a moment of tears today.

I was sitting at Emma’s basketball game, watching her play. Amazing Spanish parents all around me.. who have done nothing but reach out to me (did I say I love the Spanish people?!!)… and yet I found myself missing home. Missing my dad keeping track of every foul, every basket, every play in the play book. Missing Doug’s amazing coaching. Missing Neil and Suzy Bortz there cheering on yet another of their many, many grandkids. Missing my mom knitting and watching and cheering. Missing knowing all of the beautiful faces on the team and being able to cheer each and every one of them on. Instead I watched my girl navigate on a Catalan team where she doesn’t understand the language (not yet anyways)… where she plays her position, but isn’t sure of what the play is… where I am shouting “Go Emma”.. .while others are saying something about Vuelva… Today I miss home. I miss my family in Terrace Park… I miss my parents. I am so blessed to be surrounded by such amazing people in my life. I know once my Spanish is up to snuff, I’ll find the “family” here.. but I won’t have the history that I have at home. I miss Janie, and Cameron, Audrey and Mackenzie..(Skylar, Courtney, Riley, Mollie… and the rest of you!)  I miss the girls I’ve watch grow up. Ugh! Ok.. pity party over. xo

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