An American Family in Barcelona

We’ve arrived in Barcelona and this blog will be home to the thoughts and feelings we want to share, the images and videos we capture, and the laughs and tears (hopefully not many) we experience as a family on an adventure in a new country. You’ll see all of us – Doug, Becca, Emma and Owen – try our hand at blogging and we look forward to you sharing your thoughts and comments with us.

The word rambla means avenue in Spanish, and the most famous avenue in Barcelona is actually a series of connected avenues called Las Ramblas – an energy-filled boulevard full of shops, buskers and lots of gelato. This was the inspiration for the name of our blog – Las Ramblings. One definition of rambling is “often and habitually roaming or wandering,” which made Las Ramblings a great name for a place where we hope to capture the stories of our travels and adventures in and around Europe. The fact that ramblings also describes a “lengthy and digressive” way of telling a story is just serendipity. But I digress…

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3 Responses to An American Family in Barcelona

  1. Sally Tieke says:

    What fun! Keep up the comments so we can all live vicariously through them and some of us can walk down memory lane.

  2. Gpaw Bruce says:

    I know you are more than “travellers” in Barcelona, but I think of you when I read Paul Bellet’s short reading at the Inaugural Dinner Meeting of the Glendale Literary Club this past Sunday night:

    “For the formation of opinion, for the stirring enlivenment of thought, and for the discernment of colors and proportion, the gifts of travel, especially travel on foot, are priceless”. Winston Churchill, My African Journey, 1908

    And I think also of the seven-story climb every day or twice a day, too.

    And two more from Winston too:

    “Many remedies are suggested for the avoidance of worry and mental strain…But the element which is constant and common in all of them is change. Change is the master key”. Winston Churchill, Thoughts and Adventures, 1932

    “When I get to heaven, I mean to spend a considerable portion of my first million years in painting, and so get to the bottom of the subject”. Winston Churchill, Thoughts and Adventures, 1932

  3. Laura Gardner says:

    Worple family, oh how I miss you! Reading through your blog makes me want to go to Spain so badly, especially Barcelona! I loved your first futbol game entry, the pictures were great (so good to see all of you so happy!) and what a fun time that must have been. I look forward to continuing following your new lives overseas on this blog and hope that our paths cross again someday soon! Love you all <3

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