We had dinner on Sunday with some friends and were talking about Roots. Thankfully it wasn’t spurred by the fact that I need Jodi here to “fix” my roots, but by the idea of what creates roots for people. Roots that you yearn to return to. It’s interesting talking about this as you talk to people who have possibly grown up with somewhat nomadic lifestyles because their parents travelled quite often with their job (and therefore moved the family).. or because as adults now, they themselves have moved in order to expose their families to the world.

But we all agreed that Roots are important to us in some form. Are roots the people from your past, your memories, the buildings from your past? For me, they are returning to Glendale and knowing who lived where. And seeing familiar faces. There’s a comfort level of where people know … me… But over time, people move, business change hands, etc. And the place may remain the same, but the people have changed. The Georgian Bay to me is also where my roots are… there is so much history there. Memories of my grandparents and my youth…

One of the families we were dining with is returning to California because they felt they needed to return home to their extended families. To be closer to their parents. Another family is returning back to California as well to their roots… but the roots are their friends from before they left… and the businesses they frequented. In this particular scenario, the husband is Finnish and his family is still in Finland. The wife is from all over… but she went to college in California and they lived along the coast for 6 years before moving here. I’d love to hear what other think about Roots and what you yearn to return to… because as time passes things change. Nothing is as it was. Are your roots people and not places?

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  1. eunicehabel says:

    The older one becomes, the more one’s roots are lodged in the mind, with the aid of photographs, memorabilia, etc. I’ve chosed to surround myself by property of my parents and grandparents. Gen has exported as much as she could and loves returning to it at 970 Laurel. But memories fill in the missing places – the farm, the undeveloped 747, etc. The breakfast bunch does nothing but reminisce about people and places from our youth. You’ll get there soon enough.

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