Jean Leon…the Vineyard

One of the great things about living here is there are so many fun activities that are coordinated by the relocation agent Christine Martin from Olympic Advisors, Petra of Egner Consulting, the school, and friends. So last Thursday I got a tour of the vineyards of Jean Leon. And since I am practicing my driving, I drove the hour away to the vineyards. Only my newly purchased GPS from El Corte Ingles wasn’t working, so I had to resort to my trusty iphone GPS… and I can proudly say, after driving between rows of grapes on a dusty path, Julie (one of my new friends here) and I pulled up to the entrance to Jean Leon. :)

If you know me, then you know I know nothing about wine or food. I am in awe of anyone who knows how to cook and then how to top it off with the proper bottle of wine. But I learned a lot! Jean Leon renamed himself after he migrated from Spain to New York with only his clothes on his back. He made his way to Holllllywoooooood…. and working as a cab driver (I think) met Frank Sinatra and was hired as a waiter at one of his restaurants. He then went on to open the famous restaurant La Scala (is it still open?.. I have to think so)… and as a result, found that he was unable to offer his clients the most perfect wine… so he purchased a vineyard in Spain, converted it from Cava grapes to French grapes (and some from the US) and started making Chardonnay, Merlot and Cabernet.

Each barrel that they use for storing the juices from the grapes cost 750 Euros and are purchased from France. The barrels are re-used up to four times for the red wines, but only once for the white. The reds stay in the barrel for up to two years (I think) and then are in their bottles for up to four years before being offered for sale. I could be totally off on this.. .but I know the Reserve wines take even longer and the Chardonnay takes the least amount of time. Anyway, we all had a tasting.. I had three sips.. one for each… as I was the driver… :) )






As you can tell, it wasn’t the brilliant blue sky we typically have here!  Fall has found us… and yesterday the rains set in… although today it’s cool and gorgeous!  xo

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