El Coche!

Well, this has been a big week. I got behind the wheel of a car and made myself drive. It didn’t help at all knowing that two friends of mine here were t-boned by another car while crossing an intersection. Driving here isn’t a means to getting somewhere as much as it is an experience. I feel like I’m in my driver’s ed class again. Sitting in the simulator trailer and drving as balls are rolling in to the street, kids are running out from behind cars, cars stopping suddenly etc. Because here… it’s crazy! The white lines that run between streets mean that people can cross at any time. There are traffic lights every few seconds… and major intersections that may have you crossing infront of 30 or so cars waiting to GO! There are roundabouts that have their own cultures… it’s a bit like bracing for a rollercoaster ride!

So we are now in the hunt for a car. Right now we have a VW Golf rental. And our goal… a car that seats the most amount of people. Has enough room in the back for Boo and has front and side airbags. Oh, and it also has to be short, because parking garages here are crazy small!! And in ours there’s a sharp turn at the top of the ramp that most everyone scrapes by.

But one think that makes me laugh, is because parking is so tough, people, for the most part, leave their cars in neutral (in the parking garages anyway) so you can roll your car in or out as needed. Emma and I thought we would demonstrate…click IMG_1486 :) )

And just for the record, this is what happens when you park it in neutral on the hill.. BTW this wasn’t me… :)

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