Are you ready for some futból?

I loved today.  Another great day on almost every front.  Let me start by saying that one of the highlights was probably the 4pm to 6pm nap I took in the afternoon sun.  Sort of lame I admit, but hopefully you appreciate my honesty. That’s not my average Saturday, but you can blame it on Troy Hitch for keeping me up past 3:00am two nights this week. Other highlights of the day were finding my way home on the trains with Emma from basketball practice.  We didn’t take the optimal route, or even close to it, but we are definitely smarter for the next time. We’re figuring this out one day at a time.

Today also included an amazing birthday party dinner with Sam Bronfman, another new Barcelonan friend who, like us, has just arrived.  We enjoyed great food, drink, and amazing company. Thanks for the invite Sam and Kelly!

I actually missed what would make today’s highlight film if we were doing a vlog. It was Owen’s futból game. His team got their “primera victoria!” – or first victory. They won 8-2 and Owen seems to be finding a rhythm and getting used to playing. The first couple of weeks Owen played a bit tentatively – but as you’ll see in some of the following photos, he is now “okay with getting a “tarjeta amarillo.”"

Owen's game. Not a lot to see here, but happy to hear your thoughts on his haircut. Who votes for something a bit shorter? Admittedly it doesn't look too bad here, but the photo must have captured it in an up moment!

Owen really likes his coach, Javier. And his other coach Javier (sort of like his other cousin Daryl). Today was not only my friend Sam B's birthday, but Javier's (not sure which one) as well. I imagine that Javier is telling Owen and his teammate about how big a piece of cake they will get if they help secure the win.

Cake?!? Let me slide tackle someone!!! Now do I get a bigger piece?

Not sure how he knows mom is taking the picture, but very focused on good form.

I think Owen could get used to this slide tackling thing. He moved from striker to defense today and I think it is a bit more natural position. Not to say knocking someone down is natural, but Emma can probably attest to the fact that it is not completely unnatural either. Great game today for CP Sarriá!


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  1. bill says:

    nice, do they allow slide tackling? looks like he is into it, great to see him having fun!

  2. william veach says:

    He looks great with long hair!!

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