Fun Weekend: Part III – RCD Espanyol vs. Real Madrid

One indicator of how crazy the last two weeks have been with me non-stop traveling is the lack of posts we’ve made to Las Ramblings. I spent the week of 10/3 in the U.S. before bringing back Boo on Emma’s birthday, and then several days in London last week.  I was supposed to be in Milan for three days over the weekend, but those plans were derailed as all were not feeling well on the home front.  At any rate, the amazing weekend we posted about two weekends ago actually had three parts, not two.  When we arrived home from Joaquim and Laura’s we immediately got ready to head to a major futból match to see Espanyol playing Real Madrid (10pm Sunday night start was a little harsh, but hey, when in Rome). For those of you not aware (and how could you know with FCB hogging all of the headlines), Barcelona boasts another First Division team, RCD Espanyol. And the hottest ticket of the Espanyol season is not FCB, but Real Madrid. Thanks to Marc de la Cruz at CP Proximity, we were able to go as guests of his father, who is one of the leaders of the club. One more amazing example of Catalan hospitality that has been so graciously extended to us. While Espanyol lost 4-0, we got to enjoy a game not nearly as lopsided as the score, and see many of the sports’ superstars who play for Real Madrid including Ronaldo, Higuain (who tallied a hat trick), and one of Owen’s old favorites, Kaka.

A huge thanks to Marc!  We had an amazing time.

Fantastic shot by Becca of the stadium. I think she is using a tilt shift lense, perhaps? Love how it makes this feel like a scale model of a stadium, versus the real thing. The real thing is amazing by the way, and only open a couple of years. Great stadium to see a game. And this amazing new stadium (RCD Espanyol players in blue) was packed with very ardent supporters. Real Madrid in black. Christiano Ronaldo in day glo yellow shoes (number 7).

Another great shot from Becca. Same lense as above. It was a perfect night to see a game under the lights.

Apparently Becca has been out and about building fan support under her maiden name. I know you'll be disappointed, but we have yet to see any Worple jerseys.

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