The Hike.

Soo I was to meet a group of girls for a hike yesterday.  They told me where to meet.. just a short 15 minute walk from the school.  So I mapquested the location and proceeded to follow the directions… walking straight up a steep street that parallels the kids school.. then turning off of the street to then walk up a dirt path surrounded by pokey bushes… think desert plants…

and again.. walking up, up, up a mountain (and this is to just meet for a hike!??)  I was certain I was being put up to some sort of hazing for being the new girl in BCN… Finally when I got to what felt like the top.. I followed more curves in a road.. and then came upon 1000 steps or so .. straight up, naturally…

only to reach the top of the funicular……. the girls were meeting at the bottom.  I was at the wrong end.

So I walked back down… and ran in to this guy (see below), because naturally, I had to say hello to his dog… this is Hugh.  He is 62… from England originally.  Has a house in the hills of BCN.. and appears to be living in what looks to be a commune with other artists.. He is a musician has had three different names, been signed by Sony, had ADD as a child, been married three times, has a house in the Carribean, and one here.. had a sailboat, but sold it.  The sailboat he lived on for a large period of time… Was in one of the top Rock groups in Japan in the 80′s… and is friends with Lenny Kravitz and Peter Gabriel who apparently have houses here.. near his as well… Doug thought this guy reminded him of Steve… Hawaii Steve (dad, think leg tapping Steve) …who knows, but it was an interesting hour and a half.  He suggested I read a book called the Zen of Motorcycle Maintenance.. while I wondered about this guy… he rattled stuff off like it was me talking photography… pretty crazy.

Friday, the group is meeting me at school for our hike. :)


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