Fun Weekend: Part II – Mountain Biking and Feasting

After soaking up Verne and Julie’s hospitality, we headed to Joaquim and Laura’s home in Vallgorguina (and yes this is my second trip to Vallgorguina, which might suggest to you that is some sort of destination town in Spain, it’s not, it’s just a happy coincidence). We joined them for a Sunday of mountain biking, swimming, futból for the boys and of course, a wonderful afternoon of eating amazing food (homemade croquetas (stuffed with “bacalao” (cod) in one version, mushrooms in the other), jamon, cheese stuffed peppers, fresh bread, etc.  - and of course that was just for aperitivos) and drinking.  The lunch consisted of rice (arroz), pollo (chicken), pork, and a wonderful salad made of zucchini, tomatoes and fresh parmesan flakes.  For dessert we had fresh fruit kebabs. The meal was delicisioso. That makes two amazing meals in Vallgorguina in two visits!  I’m definitely going back (assuming I’m invited again).

Thank you Joaquim and Laura!

Joaquim and Doug in close "Proximity"

Joaquim Ramis and I - enjoying a beautiful Sunday in Vallgorguina.

Senora and Senorita Worple - Two peas in a pod at Joaquim and Laura's house.


Everyone except for Joaquim

Here are all of the mountain bikers, except for Joaquim who is taking the picture. The four of us, Laura, and the boys (Lluc, Ot, and Max).


This is the salad I mentioned. A layer of zucchini (or some sort of squash), a layer of diced tomatoes, and a layer of shaved parmesan - a little bit of olive oil, and you have one crazy good salad. Definitely adding it to my repertoire.


This is one of the delicious dishes served on Sunday. I believe this is pork, tomatoes and pine nuts (piñones).

Emma and Owen checking out some of Lluc's prized collection.

Emma and Owen look over some of Lluc's futból cards/stickers. All of the boys were kind enough to share a bunch of cards/stickers with Owen.


Owen's three new friends. They were very good hosts!


Joaquim's boys are entrepreneurial. They and their buddies have been braiding these bracelets. We each got to pick one out. I've been wearing mine ever since. Mine is purple, red and brown (o morado, rojo y marron).


One view of Joaquim and Laura's beautiful home, you can see me in the distance to the left of the house. This is where we were swimming. The water was "canada cold." A beautiful day in a beautiful setting.

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  1. william veach says:

    Wonderful family fun that you will never forget!!!



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