Let’s Talk Sports and Other Things.

I’ll be honest. One of the things I was most looking forward to in our journey abroad, was to escape the need/pressure to have my kids locked in to sports 24/7. I wanted our weekends back. I wanted the kids to have time to … well, be kids… to climb trees, to play in the park, to read…

But what I’m finding I’m so consumed with over here is finding a great basketball team on which Emma can play… and a great soccer team for Owen. And I seem to be coming up empty handed.

The school that the children attend don’t have enough children to complete a team.. and quite frankly, they don’t have the facilities to facilitate practices. Currently Owen is on a 5 on 5 co-ed team that will practice on the blacktop. So I’ve been looking elsewhere for the kids. And that’s hard!

But then I sit back and wonder… we are here for a reason.. is it sports… or experience and to get our life back! Kind of a tricky balance…

However, I will say, little dude (a.k.a.) Owen is taking Spanish classical guitar lessons with Stephen.. who so far is fabulouso!

Here we are buying the guitar…

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  1. Laurie says:

    In lieu of traditional sports, perhaps they enroll in Bull Fighting 101! You know I am joking- I am not sure I will ever understand bull fighting as it is not an even playing field. How well would people run if they were stuck with daggers in their spine each time the bull passed by?!

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