La Merce

One of the biggest holiday’s in Barcelona took place last weekend.  It’s called La Merce.  Here’s a link to the pdf about all things that were happening..


 It’s a celebration of Barcelona’s patron Saint, La Merce.  The weekend included fireworks (all three nights) with the fireworks put to music in a grand style (similar to WEBN’s fireworks in Cincinnati), parades.. the parade of the Gegants (or giants) (which we went to), and the Correfoc.. which is basically fireworks being shot anywhere and everywhere and you are to wear flame retardant clothing and eyewear… there’s a kid’s version with lower intensity fireworks earlier in the evening.  I can’t believe I’m saying this, but we did not go to the Carrefoc.  Exhaustion and the safety girl in me held us back.  Hopefully next year we’ll do it.. but seriously… it amazes me.. there’s so much stuff here that would never fly in the US from a safety standpoint.  I’m thinking Anthony might like to come visit for the Carrefoc.. it seems my kids’ only recollections of fireworks are at the Sullivans. :)


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  1. dworple says:

    We watched the fireworks (los fuegos artificiales en español) from the beach in Barceloneta on Saturday night. One of the coolest things was that they actually shot some of the fireworks into the Mediterranean, and then it was like a “second stage” subsequently launched/detonated there. It was beautiful, both the fireworks themselves coming out of the water, but also how they reflected off the water as they exploded. Definitely something to consider for Georgian Bay!

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