Sports Update.

Figuring sports out here is tricky. It’s not like you just sign your kids up online and your kid comes to practice. Or if your child is playing select, it’s not like there’s a try-out you go to and then you are told if you are on the team. It’s different. Perhaps it’s the language barrier or maybe the fact that the teams play year round.. I don’t know. But Emma has practiced with a 14 year old basketball team (quite good and quite tall relative to tall Emma even) and a 13 year old team (where she seems to fit quite nicely). And after two weeks of practice, they finally asked us to fill out some paperwork for her, so I’m assuming she’s on the team.

Owen has been practicing with a Sarriá team at Can Caralleu but we’ve never been sure if he’s on the team or off the team. He’s been practicing with the team for three weeks now, playing in their games, etc. but again, no paperwork has even been filled out!

I have to say the coaching here is amazing. The drills are amazing.. and rigorous.. and the kids are there to learn and get better. There is no goofing around at all. I’m especially in awe of the basketball program (primarily because I’m with Emma while a friend takes Owen to soccer so I don’t know how the soccer training is going yet.)… However, I’ll post some pictures of little dude playing in his soccer game last weekend.. :)

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