Topping up your cell phone.

We haven’t gone in to the nitty gritty details of all of the paperwork that is required to live here.. we may at some point. And quite frankly, for someone considering moving here, it certainly would be helpful. But we’ll spare you the details (at least for now). However, I will say, until you get your VISA you cannot sign up for a cell phone plan here. Which means if you are perhaps an iphone addict and can not operate on anything but an apple product, you are hosed. And you must purchase a cheap cell phone that you can “top off” as needed. And that’s what I have. But it needs topping off. And I haven’t known what to do!

I’ve gone in to the phone store, taken a number and waited 45 minutes to top off my phone.. but there had to be an easier way! And there is! You can top off your cell phone at your ATM machine. Apparently (because I plan on doing it today) you just enter your phone number into the ATM machine, along with the dollar amount you want.. and you are good to go! And, if you are a Barca fan, you can also purchase your soccer (futbol) tickets there as well!! So efficient!  Now if only someone could teach me how to get cell phone messages!

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  1. sonya geers says:

    Finally, you understand my cell phone pain!:)

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