The Fiddler.

I was in Spanish class yesterday and could hear a fiddler through the window. I asked a friend if that was America’s equivalent of the “ice cream” man coming down the street. And she responded with, “No, it’s the knife sharpener guy coming down the street.” instead.  I have this great visual that I hope to capture, of a bunch of housewives/househusbands, running down the street with knives in their hands trying to catch up with the fiddler/knife sharpener guy.. kind of like the kids chasing the ice cream truck in the US. :)

UPDATE.. I saw a fiddler later.. here he is with his cart!!  The blue thing in his hand is the fiddle or the thing that makes the sound…

And just to make the blog a bit more visual.. here are a few of the students/parents taking Spanish at the school (with Laura our dark haired teacher second in from the right)..





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