Let’s talk cab rides.

Since we don’t have a car, we are living the life of transportational logistics… do we ride in a taxi, take the metro (the subway), the bus or even what looks to be an above ground tram?  Or do we need all of the above?  I haven’t figured much out yet.  I know the bus that will get us to the school.  And I know if I hop in a cab it hopefully will eventually get me to my destination.  But it’s hard!  It’s exhausting!!  The cab drivers pretty much only speak Catalan so any form of any Spanish accent I may have learned in high school doesn’t get me anywhere.  Doug was telling me lastnight that the letters “ny” in Catalunian is like an n with the swirly thing over it.. if I had a spanish keyboard I could show you.. it’s kind of pronounced like enyay… Anyway, I can’t tell you how many times I have gotten in the cab to tell the driver to please take me to the the kids’ school which happens to be on Martinell i Pena…. and he takes me to a street (calle in Spanish or Carrer in Catalan) called Martinelli… 15 minutes in the opposite direction of Martinell i Pena… notice the space between the Martinell and the i… when you speak it, you might not hear it.  So I carry notes, my iphone to show emails that have addresses in them to the driver… my iphone so I can google map where we might be headed.. it’s crazy and did I say, exhausting!!

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  1. dworple says:

    It’s possible that Becca may have ended up in the wrong place because the school is on Martorell i Pena. Just saying.

    We were talking about pronunciation because Mercat Galvany is a couple blocks from our apartment – it is a beautiful and centuries old market – you can see it here – http://www.mercatgalvany.es/ I thought it would be pronounced Gal vah nee but it more like Gal van ya – that’s probably not right either, but it’s getting closer. Joaquim (runs the CP Proximity office here) said that pronouncing it like I did would be how someone from Madrid who spoke Castellano would pronounce it. Then he said, “Well, not exactly like you, they wouldn’t pronounce it like an American, but they would pronounce it with the nee sound on the end. Ohhhhh – thanks for the clarification. :-) I have miles to go before I get this lengua down.

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