The Haircut.

I wish I had a picture to post, but I wasn’t allowed. Owen hasn’t had a haircut since the beginning of the summer? Maybe he had a little trim before we came here. Actually, come to think of it we did. And after spending $30 at Valenti, there was just a sprinkling of hair on the floor. I couldn’t believe she’d cut anything. So fast forward to yesterday. Owen had full head of hair… his eyes were buried somewhere beneath… and so after we got off of the bus I took a left in to Jean Louis (what appeared to be a hair salon).. and I’d seen on the door, the day before, a note saying something to the effect of “no appointments necessary” in spanish. So I thought we’d try it! Owen was not psyched.

Luckily it was a salon… and they could take Owen ahora (now).

What I found most interesting, was that the woman cutting his hair never once used scissors. In fact they didn’t have any scissors in the salon. They used an electric razor the entire time to cut his hair. And they use them on women too .. even if your hair is long. Kind of crazy!

The cut was cute. Naturally Owen hates it… covered his head the whole walk home. Says he can’t fling his bangs off to the side with the shake of his head. And, of course, today he has a presentation in front of the whole class… and is embarrassed by his haircut. I can’t win..

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