A feast for the stomach and the soul.

I had the good fortune on Thursday of being invited by my new friend, Sam Lardner, to lunch with some of his friends. Sam is a musician extraordinaire, and if I’m ever invited to lunch by him again, you’ll soon understand why I’ll drop most anything to go.

Sam and Ernest catching a second breath before tackling more food and drink.

This ranks as my best day in Barcelona so far – and ranks with the Maisonette 50th Anniversary celebration as one of the most amazing gastronomic adventures I’ve ever had.

Our lunch involved about a 40km drive to a little village in the mountains called Vallgorguina. Once there we made our way to the home of Sam’s friend Carlos Piernas del Amor (an amazingly talented chef ). Carlos’ home also happens to be the base for his business “Carpier” which produces the most amazing smoked foods you’ve ever tasted – all of which I think I got to taste on Thursday.

Carlos Piernas del Amor ready to begin serving - this is when he demonstrated the 5 different cuts of salmon.

Xavier Pellicer

Chef Xavi Pellicer also prepared some amazing food for our enjoyment. I'm loving Catalan cuisine.

Sam and Carlos’ friends also included the Martinez brothers – Ricard and Ernest – who are the artisans behind the Rimarts Cava brand. Carlos partner Kathi and assistant chef Shiro. Also in attendance were Xavier (Xavi) Pellicer, a 3 star Michelin chef now at Can Fabes in Sant Celoni outside of Barcelona, Ramon and Josep – also brothers managing a vineyard – not Cava in this case, but a Priorat. Rounding out the group were Christl Holzl, the director of the Sun Valley Wine Auction, Jose Luis, and Inigo –  Carlos right hand man who for this gathering contributed a giant tuna he had caught fishing. Also visiting that day were another chef, Chef Saby (Sabyasachi Gorai), from New Delhi, India and his entourage.

Carpier Logo

This is a fairly unique logo treatment for the Carpier brand... I believe the font is called "fresh bread."

Chefs Xavi & Saby

Here are Chefs Xavi (back to the camera) and Saby (on the far left in the black shirt)

Ricard Martinez

Ricard Martinez of Rimarts about to disgorge a bottle of their amazing cava by hand.

Not the greatest picture, but a great cava made from only the Chardonnay grape.

We arrived at Carlos’ compound around 1:30 for lunch and we rolled out of there about 8:30. Our 7 hour lunch not even complete, as there were still dessert/coffee to be served.

As you can see, at least I did not miss out on the “after lunch” cocktails.

It was an absolutely stellar day.  Sam, thanks so much for including me in a very special day with friends, and an experience of Catalan cuisine that anyone would treasure.

The after lunch drink...all shot in camera... how did they make the G&T look so big and my hands/head look so small.

A couple more pictures from the day.

Are these crayfish for real? I put the wine glass in the picture purely for scale. I'm not sure what these are called in Español, but it lies somewhere between a "langosta" and a "langostino. (I've been told these are called cigalas - these were from Iceland)


Kathi preparing some fresh tomatoes with aceite de oliva.

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5 Responses to A feast for the stomach and the soul.

  1. Frank Grady says:

    Wow, what a special event. You are a fortunate man, being a part of this “Immersion lunch”. From the photo, I imagine that you are limiting yourself to just one after meal cocktail.

  2. william veach says:

    Fantastic!! You are on your way!! You are experiencing a great new world!!

  3. dworple says:

    Thanks Frank and Bill! I am indeed a fortunate man. Stop back often to see what is going on with the Worple family! I’m sure there will be plenty of good stories – not all of the experiences as great as this one!

  4. Jeff Peppet says:

    Outstanding! You’re definately at the center of the culinary world at the moment – Catalonian rocks! Cool to have some Indian influence thrown in there as well!!

  5. candace fries says:

    Wow….what an experience! I can’t wait to ‘benefit’ from your new culinary exposure. Taking notes?

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