The Scent of a (Spanish) Man. SOLVED!!!!

There’s something about the men in the morning racing past you as they head off to work. They all wear some sort of cologne.. and to my sniffer, it all kind of smells the same.. or perhaps it’s the same person I smell each morning.
I mentioned it to my new amazing friend Michelle, and she commented on how there’s a guy that always rides in the elevator before her and leaves his scent (and it’s not the kind the kids would love to leave)… Perhaps our sniffers are picking up on the same guy, but I’m curious to know what it is! It’s a fresh clean, fresh out of the shower smell. Very nice! Is there a common cologne the men wear?

UPDATE:  Thanks to my mom’s grade school friend, Nancy Humbach, we now know the scent and are all now smelling like that man on the street.  It is called Heno De Pravia!  Thank you Nancy!!!! 

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  1. Gpaw Bruce says:

    A black man tugged at my sleeve,
    asking for some change
    I was startled to be so close to him, a man
    I had rejected many time before, but
    from a distance.
    I had always shrugged no, implying
    that I had no change
    Which of course we both knew was a lie.
    But this time this close, I could see he
    was not so old,
    And his smell, while not fresh was clean.
    His eyes caught mine while I fumbled
    In my own crumpled pocket.
    My eyes stuck to his, seeing a time
    when he was cared for by another’s
    don’t do that my love, watch out my
    And he would laugh oh so hard know-
    ing he was loved,
    Attended to, and he would slap his
    mamma’s face
    In mock discord, waiting for the hug
    that would
    Surely come. And then, and then…I
    don’t know.
    Something painful probably happened
    By worse, and then worse even still,
    until he arrived
    Here to tread on other’s mercy, his only
    That I, and others, change their minds.

    from book of poems “The Funnel and the Sieve,” William P. Youngclaus, III, Yale Class of ’61, published May, 2006. Bill died June 30, 2006

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