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My favorites for those living in BCN..

When you move to a new area, I think the #1 thing you are most in search of is your posse of favorites.  Your favorite hair salon, pediatricians, dentists, doctors, etc.  Having lived in BCN for three years I have … Continue reading

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The Happiest Place in the World

Copenhagen, Denmark.  We had a long weekend at the end of September, so we took the opportunity to visit a cold country with lots of happy people.. when there was still light and a little bit of warmth.  Sadly, the … Continue reading

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The Spanish Economy from my limited perspective..

We are now headed in to our third year here in Barcelona, and people often ask, how are things.. economically speaking.  While I am so far from understanding the economics or the governmental aspects of Spain, I can tell you … Continue reading

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A Perfect Day..

Yesterday, for me, was a pretty perfect Barcelona day.  It was a holiday in Barcelona, so the kids had a day off from school.  We had no lessons, no activities, no nothing… so we headed to Sitges (a coastal town … Continue reading

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